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Mystery Net is the place for online mysteries and mystery games. Every Month the site features See-n-Solve, Solve-it, Twist and Flash mysteries. Every Day: Get-a-Clue mini-mystery, Teasers by Members. Sign up for the Free monthly email mystery and receive a Solve-it each month. Mystery Net provides a resource for mystery books, mystery TV shows, and mystery games. The site also provides a very active online community with mystery discussion forums on everything related to the mystery genre.

MysteryNet is the leading producer of interactive mysteries, including Solve-it and See-n-Solve, and the Get-a-Clue daily mystery. With intriguing characters, clever plots twists, and an “A-ha!” moment at the end, MysteryNet’s features showcase the qualities that have made the mystery genre so popular across time, age and medium. MysteryNet can help you tap into this popularity with a variety of licensing packages. Designed with your entertainment needs in mind, they run from individual mini-mysteries to completely customized websites. For more information, please take a look at the packages below and contact:

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