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MysteryNet: The Online Mystery Network

Mystery Net's Kids Mysteries:

Features mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks, and contests for kids.

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Demographic Data

MysteryNet's Kids' Mysteries (survey)
Girls 65%
Boys 35%
8-9 15%
10-12 50%
13-15 30%


Advertising Options and Prices in Net CPM

  Text Ad Tower Ad Skyscraper Ad Banner Ad
Per 1,000 impressions $14 $14 $20 $20


Minimum is $5,000 per campaign. A campaign can be from one month to six months in length.

Banner Advertising Specifications

  • Tower Ad: 120x240 pixels
  • Skyscraper Ad: 120x600 pixels
  • Banner Ad: 468x60 pixels
  • Maximum graphic size is 15k.
  • All forms of graphic ads acceptable.

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