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MysteryNet produces some of the stickiest content around. MysteryNet is the leading producer of interactive mysteries, including Solve-it and See-n-Solve, and the Get-a-Clue daily mystery available on Web-enabled cell phones. With intriguing characters, clever plots twists, and an “A-ha!” moment at the end, MysteryNet’s features showcase the qualities that have made the mystery genre so popular across time, age and medium.

MysteryNet can help you tap into this popularity with a variety of licensing packages. Designed with your entertainment needs in mind, they run from individual mini-mysteries to completely customized websites. For more information, please take a look at the packages below and contact:

Daily or weekly mystery – Choose an individual mini-mystery from one of our popular interactive series, including Solve-it, Flash, and Twist.

Mystery section – Mysteries can be addictive, so why have just one? Choose two features from any of the above mysteries and then add one of our highly interactive features, See-n-Solve, Vote-n-Solve, or Love Kills.

Mystery Site “Powered by MysteryNet” – Mysteries are one of the most popular genres ever, making coverage of them a necessity for any major website. MysteryNet can produce and host a private label mystery site that includes our original interactive mini-mysteries, our mystery book, movie and TV reviews, and our mystery history.

Mysteries for kids – Mysteries are a great way to invigorate young minds. Choose from a variety of mysteries designed just for kids, including Solve-it for Kids, Quick-Solve and Chiller. MysteryNet even has Magic Tricks that kids can perform at home.

Non-fiction and trivia – Just the facts. MysteryNet has a growing database of mystery reviews (book, movie and TV), mystery history, and mystery trivia. Choose any or all of these features to enhance the mystery information at your site.

Custom solvable – Whatever your mystery is, MysteryNet can solve it. Choose the setting, characters and clues for your mystery and then let us run with it. MysteryNet will come up with a tale that holds your audience captive and keeps them coming back for more. In addition to entertaining people, mysteries are a great vehicle for contests, promotions, and other marketing events.


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