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Choose two of our daily or weekly features and then add one of our highly interactive features. For more information, please contact:

Daily or Weekly Features

Solve-it – Read the mystery, pick whodunit, and solve the crime.
Updated weekly, 2 pages, 1000 words.

Twist – A mystery with a twist ending!
Updated daily, 3 pages, 1500 words.

Flash – Mystery inspired by a mysterious photo.
Updated weekly, 1 page, 500 words.

Highly Interactive Features

See-n-Solve – Investigate the crime scene to solve the mystery.
Updated twice monthly, 3 pages, 1000 words.

Love Kills – You’re the director– vote every day for the next episode!
Updated monthly, 1 page a day, 1000 words each day.

Vote-n-Solve – Vote for clues every day in this weekly mystery game!
Updated daily, 1 page, 50 words each day.


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