Raven Mystery Award Winners – Complete Lists

Raven Mystery Award Winners Complete List of All Since Start in 1953

The Raven Award is a special award given for outstanding achievement in the mystery field outside the realm of creative writing.

The Edgar Awards, which first were awarded in 1946, are given in a number of different categories. All Raven Mystery Award Winners since the award began are listed below.

1998 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Steven Bochco

1998 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Sylvia Burack, editor of The Writer

1997 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Marvin Lachman

1996 Raven Mystery Award Winner

The Library of America, for their publication of the collected writings of Raymond Chandler

1995 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Dr. Paul LeClerc, President, New York Public Library

1993 Raven Mystery Award Winner

President Bill Clinton, Reader of the Year

1992 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Harold Q. Masur, for his years of service to MWA as general counsel

1991 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Sarah Booth Conroy, Reader of the YearCarol Brener, for her skill in selling books to the public

1989 Raven Mystery Award Winner

The Bouchercon Annual World Mystery Convention
“Shear Madness,” by Marilyn Abrams and Bruce Jordan (Cranberry Productions), for longest-running off-Broadway play

1988 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Angela LansburyVincent Price

1986 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Suzi Oppenheimer, Reader of the Year

1985 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Eudora Welty, Reader of the Year

1984 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Sylvia Porter, Reader of the Year

1983 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Isaac Bashevis Singer, Reader of the Year

1980 Raven Mystery Award Winner

“Muppet Murders” (“Muppets Show”)

1979 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Alberto Tedeschi (Mondadori), publisher of the succesful Italian mystery series

1978 Raven Mystery Award Winner

I Am My Brother’s Keeper, by Richard N. Hughes (WPIX) for being the best showcase for mystery stories
Danny Arnold, (ABC) as the executive producer of “Barney Miller” TV police series
Edward Gorey, for the sets he designed for “Dracula” on Broadway

1976 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Eddie Lawrence, Reader of the Year
Leo Margolies, as editor of Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine

1975 Raven Mystery Award Winner

ABC-TV, for its World Wide Mystery series
Royal Shakespeare Company, for the company’s revival of the play “Sherlock Holmes”
Radio Mystery Theatre (CBS), for the Hy Brown nightly mysteries.
Hardcover Book Jacket: Tales of the Black Widowers (Doubleday), Feral (Harper & Row), They Can’t Hang Me (Harper & Row), Nella Waits (Putnam).
Softcover Book Jacket: The Hubschmann Effect (Pocket Books), The Mousetrap (Dell), Anima (Fawcett-Crest)

1974 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Hardcover Book Jacket: Reprisal (Dodd, Mead), Hail to the Chief (Random House), The Cold Ones (Simon & Schuster)
Softcover Book Jacket: The Abductor (Curtis Books), Inspector Maigret and the Madwoman (Curtis Books), Daughter of Darkness (Dell)

1973 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Hardcover Book Jacket: The Erection Set(E. P. Dutton), G. P. Putnam’s Sons (Tricks of the Trade), Mrs. Knox’s Profession (McKay), Dead Skip (Random House).
Softcover Book Jacket: Fetish Murders(Ace), Death Can Be Beautiful (Dell), Rolling Gravestones (Dell)

1972 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Hardcover Book Jacket: If You Want to See Your Wife Again (G. P. Putnam’s Sons), Whim to Kill (Wm. Morrow), The Stalker (Random House).
Softcover Book Jacket: Black Man White Man (Ace), The Shadows of the House (Avon), The Lady of the Lake (Ballantine)

1971 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Judith Crist, Reader of the Year
Hardcover Book Jacket: Dodd, Mead (Act of Violence), If Laurel Shot Hardy the World Would End (Doubleday), If the Shroud Fits (Inner Sanctum).
Softcover Book Jacket: Last Case (Avon Classic Crime Collection), One Man Show (Avon), Picture Miss Seeton (Popular Library)

1970 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Hardcover Book Jacket: The Spanish Prisoner (E. P. Dutton ). Tales of Unease (Doubleday), The Black General (Wm. Morrow)
Softcover Book Jacket: Avon for Classic Crime Collection

1969 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Hardcover Book Jacket: God Speed the Night (Scribners), Die Quickly, Dear Mother (Doubleday ), Singapore Wink (Wm. Morrow).
Softcover Book Jacket: The Dresden Green (Ballantine), Nothing Is the Number When You Die (Ballantine), A Tangled Web (Berkley Books)

1968 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Joey Adams, Reader of the Year.Hardcover Book Jacket: Perturbing Spirit
(Doubleday), The Reluctant Medium (Doubleday), Rain with Violence (A. A.
Mills).Softcover Book Jacket: Johnny Underground (Ballantine), Malice
(Ballantine), A Doll for the Toff (Pyramid Books)

1967 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Richard Watts Jr., Reader of the Year
Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine on its twenty-sixth anniversary and as the best showcase for mystery stories.
Hardcover Book Jacket Let Sleeping Girls Lie (Wm. Morrow), The Crimson Madness of Little Doom (Doubleday), The Baron and the Mogul Sword (Scribners).
Softcover Book Jacket Some of Your Blood (Ballantine), Crowell-Collier; Bantam Books; I Am the Cat (Collier)

1966 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Hardcover Book Jacket Girl on the Run (Random House; Doubleday) Simon & Schuster; Viking.
Softcover Book Jacket Knock and Wait a While(Bantam), Dell; Popular Library

1965 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Dr. Milton Helpern, for his work in forensic medicine
Philip Wittenberg, for his long years of voluntary service (Scroll)
Hardcover Book Jacket: Doubleday; Simon & Schuster’s Inner Sanctum Mysteries; Walker & Co.
Softcover Book Jacket: Bantam Books; Dell; Popular Library

1964 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Hardcover Book Jacket: Harper & Row; Simon & Schuster.
Softcover Book Jacket: Berkley Medallion Books; Popular Library

1963 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Hardcover Book Jacket: Doubleday.
Softcover Book Jacket: Collier Books

1962 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Book Jacket: Walker & Co.; Doubleday, Harper Bros.
The Defenders, a TV show in its first year

1961 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Ilka Chase, Reader of the Year
Hardcover Book Jacket: A Mark of Displeasure (Scribners).
Paperback Book Jacket: The Three Coffins (Dell)

1960 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Ray Brennan, for crime reporting
David C. Cook, for Best Detective Stories of the Year
Phyllis McGinley, Mystery Fan of the Year
Alfred Hitchcock, for his contribution to the mystery
Gail Jackson, producer of Perry Mason TV series

1959 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, (posthumous), Reader of the Year (Scroll accepted by
Eleanor Roosevelt)
Lawrence G. Blochman, for long and distinguished service to MWA and The Third
Frederic G. Melcher, on his retirement after thirty-five years with Publishers Weekly Western Printing & Lithographing Co., for Dell book jackets

1958 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Harper & Bros., for general excellence
Dell, a Scroll for their Great Mystery Series book jackets

1957 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Miss Dorothy Kilgallen, Reader of the Year
Hardcover Book Jacket: Inspector Maigret and the Burglar’s Wife (Doubleday)

1956 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Book Jacket: Scribners

1955 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Berton Rouche, for his collection of stories of medical detection, Eleven Blue Men
Softcover Book Jacket: Dell

1954 Raven Mystery Award Winner

Dr. Harrison Martland, retiring medical examiner, Essex County, New Jersey
Dr. Thomas A. Gonzales, retiring medical examiner, New York City
Tom Lehrer for his mystery parodies

1953 Raven Mystery Award Winner

E. T. Guymon Jr., for his outstanding library of mystery literature.


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