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Lawrence Block's Everybody Dies
Multiple-award winning, MWA Grand Master of suspense
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Lawrence Block's Everybody Dies coverMatt Scudder is finally leading a comfortable life. The crime rate's down and the stock market's up. Gentrification's prettying-up the old neighborhood. The New York streets don't look so mean anymore.
Then all hell breaks loose.
Scudder quickly discovers the spruced-up sidewalks are as mean as ever, dark and gritty and stained with blood. He's living in a world where the past is a minefield, the present is a war zone, and the future's an open question. It's a world where nothing is certain and nobody's safe, a random universe where no one's survival can be taken for granted. Not even his own.
A world where everybody dies.  

Praise for Lawrence Block's Mysteries

"One of the most harrowing yet most rewarding chapters in the education of a hero."
---- The New York Times Book Review
"Resonant, thoughtful, richly textured, and capped by a slam-bang windup-- Block's seamless weave of thought and action, and his matchless gift for dialogue that is true, funny and revealing, have seldom been on more effective display. The pages leading up to the climax have an almost Shakespearean feel for human resignation in the face of mortality."
--- Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"Quite thrilling. But it's the book's quiter moments of discourse that deliver the most pleasure-- should satisfy any mystery fan-- the quality of Block's conversational passages distinguishes this excellent novel."
--- Los Angeles Times
"Without wasting a word, Block carves out a memorable portrait of a city that seldoms forgives or forgets."
--- Denver Post
"Block does a masterful job of showing us that words sometimes can be more powerful than bullets when wielded by a master of the game."
--- Chicago Tribune
"Block talks like he writes. Quick and dry-witted, he uses words well. His written dialogue has the honesty of a coversation overheard on the bus."
--- USA Today - The Online Mystery Network The Online Mystery Network.

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