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Lawrence Block's Everybody Dies
Multiple-award winning, MWA Grand Master of suspense
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Hit ManHit Man
Keller is a killer. Professional, cool, confident, competent, reliable. But he is also a complex person: Guarded and reclusive, icy and ruthlessly efficient, he is prone to loneliness and self-doubt, nightmares and career worries. He is known to his therapist as a "corporate troubleshooter," but Keller's real business is murder.
Even The WickedEven The Wicked
P.I. Matthew Scudder's got two murders on his mind. How did a serial killer who announces his victims in advance get past the bodyguards of a famous defense attorney--bodyguards recommended by Scudder himself?

A Long Line Of Dead MenA Long Line Of Dead Men
awrence Block is having a career year. His Bernie Rhodenbarr series returned to wide acclaim after a 10-year hiatus (The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams ), he was named the 1994 Mystery Writers of America Grand Master, and now the thirteenth entry in his long-running and much-loved Matthew Scudder series has arrived.

The Devil Knows You're DeadThe Devil Knows You're Dead
There's a new trend afoot in the series mystery. Mickey Spillane, Nero Wolfe, Sherlock Holmes, and their investigating cohorts seldom changed from book to book. Part of their appeal, in fact, was their consistency. Contemporary series authors, however, such as Bill Pronzini, Robert P. Parker, Joseph Hansen, and Lawrence Block, have taken the series character a step further, allowing growth and change to occur to the hard-boiled hero just as they do to ordinary mortals.

A Walk Among The TombstonesA Walk Among The Tombstones
A new Matt Scudder novel from the author of the Edgar Award-winning A Dance at the Slaughterhouse. Despite the payment of a hefty ransom, the kidnapped wife of a Brooklyn heroin wholesaler is viciously murdered. Scudder goes after the killers, because in his mind even drug dealers deserve justice. HC: Morrow.

Eight Million Ways To DieEight Million Ways To Die
A gripping backlist thriller--out of print since 1987--from the Edgar Award-winning author of A Ticket to the Boneyard. P.I. Matthew Scudder's investigation into the brutal killing of a young hooker, who was trying to get out of the business, reveals lethal secrets that are even dirtier than her clients--and puts Scudder's life on the market as well.

A Dance At The SlaughterhouseA Dance At The Slaughterhouse
Hired to link the rape, torture, and murder of a pregnant socialite to her husband, Richard Thurman, ex-cop and former alcoholic Matthew Scudder begins a terrifying tour of New York's snuff film industry. - The Online Mystery Network The Online Mystery Network.

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