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Thoughts and perspective from mystery authors

Agatha Christie’s Short Mysteries
by Edward D. Hoch

Author Roundtable
Six breakout mystery writers

Victor Gischler vs. Sean Doolittle
Two authors talk tough

Writing Mysteries: Creating the Sarah-Shiloh Relationship
by Jodi Compton

Writing Mysteries: The Making of CAT’S EYEWITNESS
by Sneaky Pie Brown (and Rita Mae Brown)

Writing Mysteries: The Making of ALONE
by Lisa Gardner

Writing Mysteries: Writing via Interior Design
by Leslie Caine

Writing Mysteries: The Making of MALLETS AFORETHOUGHT
by Sarah Graves

Writing Mysteries: Crossword Puzzles Inspire Book
by Parnell Hall

Writing About Things That Matter
by Laurie R. King

The More Things Change…
by George C. Chesbro

Let the Reader Beware! – Ellery Queen’s Contributions to Mystery Stories
by Douglas G. Greene

Historical Mysteries in Ancient Rome: Crossing the Rubicon
Interview with Steven Saylor

Changes in Mystery Writing Over the Decades – Rickshaws to Man on the Moon
by Phyllis A. Whitney

Golden Age of Mysteries is NOW
by Art Bourgeau

Mid-Atlantic Mysteries
Interview with Margaret Maron

Wall Street Mysteries
by Jim Huang

Police Procedures in Mysteries
by Hugh Bolton

The Short Story Mystery
by Ed Hoch

A Cup of Coffee with Agatha Christie
by Charles Osborne

Angel’s Flight
by Charles L. P. Silet

No Messages
by Lawrence Block

Who Was Anthony Boucher?
by William F. Nolan

It All Started with Cain
by Richard A. Lupoff

John Dickson Carr Locked Room Puzzle Mystery Author
by Douglas G. Greene

Raymond Chandler: Neither Tarnished, Nor Afraid
by Charles L.P. Silet

At the Detection Club with Agatha
by H.R.F. Keating

Murder in Cold Climates
by George J. Demko

Short History of Mystery Collecting
by Barry T. Zeman

Wilkie Collins: Father of the Detective Novel
by Charles L.P. Silet

Romance Mysteries of Mignon Eberhart
by Charles L.P. Silet

Stanley Ellin – Profile of the Award-winning Short Story Mystery Author
by Charles L.P. Silet

The Great Escape
by Linda Grant

Robert B. Parker Author Interview On Writing Mysteries
by Charles L.P. Silet

S.S. Van Dine: Puzzle Mystery Master
by Charles L.P. Silet

Thriller Author James Corbett’s Mystery Writing Genius
by William F. Deeck

Edna Buchanan on Writing Mysteries
by Edna Buchanan

Martha Grimes Author Interview
by Charles L.P. Silet

Raffles the Gentleman Criminal and E.W. Hornung – Profile
by Simon Brett

The Hardy Boys: Creating Generations of Mystery Readers
by Charles L.P. Silet

Walter Mosley Author Interview: The Heart of a Writer
by Charles L.P. Silet

Margaret Maron Author Interview: Home Fires
by Art Taylor

Mid-Atlantic Mysteries: Interview with Margaret Maron
by George J. Demko

Crime Fiction and Crime Writing Today – Opinion Essay
by Susan Moody

Pam and Jerry North: Married Sleuths by Frances and Richard Lockridge
by Charles L.P. Silet

Patricia Highsmith’s Thomas Ripley
by Charles L.P. Silet

Dick Francis’ Horse Racing Thriller Mysteries
by J. Madison Davis

Mystery Writer Job Requirements – Advice by S.J. Rozan, Author
by S.J. Rozan

Why I Write Mysteries – Mystery Writing by Joe Gores
by Joe Gores

New England Mysteries: Yankee Crime: Mystery Book Recommendations
by George J. Demko

Short Sherlock Holmes Stories
by Charles L.P. Silet

A History of Private Eye Fiction
by Neil Albert

Edgar Allan Poe in Baltimore – Museum and Story of the Toaster
by Stuart McIver

Alaska Mystery Writer Dana Stabenow Talks about Writing Mysteries
by Dana Stabenow

Josephine Tey’s Classic Crime Novels – Miss Pym and Allan Grant Mysteries
by Charles L.P. Silet

If You Boot It… Jan Burke Talks with Classic Mystery Writers
by Jan Burke

The Humanistic Mystery – Mystery Writing Trends
by Les Roberts

Mystery vs. Suspense Thriller Book Genres
by Janet L. Smith

Science Fiction vs. Mystery Writing
by Richard A. Lupoff

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