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A Britt Montero Mystery

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Edna Buchanan's Garden of Evil coverMiami reporter Britt Montero is preoccupied with tight deadlines, pressure from her editor for the big scoop, a boyfriend who might propose, and a former beauty queen who keeps phoning to say someone's trying to kill her. Then a story that could be her biggest news coup ever falls into Britt's lap. A beautiful but deadly serial killer has already murdered half a dozen men by seducing them, putting a bullet between their eyes, and then shooting their genitals off. The so-called Kiss Me Killer has eluded police so far. But in a bizarre twist, she phones Britt to promise an exclusive interview if Britt will meet her secretly. Britt notifies the cops, who set up an elaborate plan to capture the woman. Naturally, the plan fails, and Britt ends up as the killer's hostage during a gruesome and deadly murder spree, during which, ironically, the killer provides Britt with the promised interview. Britt gets her big story all right, but the price is far too high. Taut, terrifying, and suspenseful, Buchanan's hard-hitting novel takes this solid series to a new level.  

Praise for Edna Buchanan's Mysteries

"Buchanan again proves that she is the mistress of Miami crime-- deftly delivers on suspense and emotion."
--- Publishers Weekly

"Buchanan rides her irresistible premise hell-for-leather all the way to the fairy-tale ending."
--- Kirkus Reviews

"[Buchanan] knows crime, criminals, and their victims very well."
--- Booklist - The Online Mystery Network The Online Mystery Network.

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