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A Britt Montero Mystery
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Detective Data
Name of Detective:
Reporter, Britt Montero
Lottie Dane, the best news photographer Britt's ever worked with and the best friend she ever had. Fearless and dedicated, she has covered Colombian earthquakes, fire fights in El Salvador and photographed the endless corpses in Jonestown. She captures the heartstopping moments, life and death in America's most violent city.
Police beat reporter for The Miami News
How did you get involved in sleuthing?:
There is something noble about venturing out each day to seek the truth. The police beat is a front row seat on life---comedy, tragedy, sex, violence and greed. Every day is an adventure. A victim has no better friend than a good reporter.
Pet Peeves:
Bureaucrats, cops who stonewall, editors, politicians, voice mail, and the justice system, which so rarely works.
Role Model:
The father she lost to a Castro firing squad when she was only three years old.
Target shooting at the pistol range, delving into the old, unsolved cases that haunt her.
Distinguishing characteristics:
A news junkie. She straddles two worlds, Anglo and Cuban, yet is not quite at home in either. She loves Miami, the pulsebeat of this hot-blooded city touches her soul.
Marital Status:
"The newspaper is something I can count on in a world full of uncertainty. It publishes every day, rain or shine, in peace or war. The newspaper will outlive all of us and record our history, our beginnings and endings. No matter what happens, the newspaper will come out tomorrow, like the sun. People will wake up in the morning and find it on their lawns. One of the few sure things in life, it is something to hold on to."
Edna Buchanan
Books & Year Published(including any scheduled for 98):
Carr, Five years of Rape and Murder, 1979; The Corpse Had A Familiar Face, 1987; Nobody Lives Forever, 1990, Never Let Them See You Cry, 1992; Contents Under Pressure, 1992; Pulse, 1998; Miami, It's M urder, 1993; Suitable for Framing, 1994; Act of Betrayal, 1995, Margin of Error, 1996.
The Next Book (1999) (title & teaser):
Garden of Evil, 1999 During a terrifying odyssey through the dark heart of the Sunshine State in the company of a serial killer, Britt learns that evil can be a genetic defect. Some people are born monsters. - The Online Mystery Network The Online Mystery Network.
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