Fiction - Mystery & Detective - Women Sleuths | Bantam Paperback | October 2004 | $6.99 | 0-440-24175-8

It's Trading Spaces meets Desperate Housewives. The residents of Crestview neighborhood have secrets and they are threatening to drag The Designer into a dangerous web of lies, intrigue and murder. Leslie Caine draws the reader in with strong characters and enough mystery to keep you turning pages. I look forward to more.
Sarah D.

DEATH BY INFERIOR DESIGN is an engaging mystery book. Leslie Caine really makes you care about her characters & really keeps you guessing as to the identities of the culprit(s). Once I started reading, I didn't want to put the book down. I'd definitely give this book 5 stars.
Maria S.

A weekend decorating contest with a business rival becomes more complicated and deadly than young Erin Gilbert anticipated. Contending with delays, an uncooperative carpenter, a neighborhood from hell, and an unwanted attraction towards her handsome rival, Steve Sullivan, Erin realizes the murder of a participant in the contest may be linked to her past.

An entertaining mystery that keeps you engrossed in the complicated history of the neighbors, the tension between Erin & Steve, and the home makeovers, with design ideas as a bonus.
Karen W.

I thought this was a really creative story. While You Were Out or Trading Spaces with more than a few twists. It had plenty to keep me interested without dragging the story on like many authors do and the main characters (the ones that are sure to show up in her next books) were very likable. The bits with Audrey Munroe were short enough to keep from becoming a distraction and humorous enough to keep the story from getting dark or overly dramatic. I will probably add her future books to my rapidly growing list.
Laurie R.

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