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Can Modern Science Accomplish What Adolf Hitler Started?
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Stephen J. Cannell's THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOPStacy Richardson has it all: she's young, beautiful, and a microbiology graduate student at USC with an adoring husband. But in the midst of her Ph.D exams she receives word from Admiral James G. Zoll that her husband has killed himself. Knowing her husband would never take his own life, Stacy plunges into a renegade investigation of Admiral Zoll and "The Devil's Workshop," the super-secret biological warfare program he runs at Fort Detrick, Maryland. It's a race against time as Stacy and an unlikely band of allies fight to stop the deadliest of weapons from falling into the wrong hands
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Praise for The Devil's Workshop

"The Emmy Award-winning TV writer/producer of The Rockford Files and The Commish strikes again... with this... .new action-driven nail-biter, which imagines the havoc unleashed by doomsday bioweapons."
-- Publishers Weekly

"The Devil's Workshop proves the depth of talent that author and TV producer Stephen J. Cannell possesses. The storyline never gives readers a moment to catch their breath as the suspense and accompanying tension mount to extraordinary levels... Totally absorbing."

"[A] fast-paced adventure."
-- Booklist

"The Devil's Workshop is a gripping tale of how biotechnology can be used to further the ends of those who think ethnic cleansing is the answer to the world's problems... The dialogue and actions scenes are unsurpassed, and Stacy, the heroine, is an engaging lead...Be prepared for an all-nighter on this one."
-- The Internet Writing Journal

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