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Stephen J. Cannell's THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP
Can Modern Science Accomplish What Adolf Hitler Started?
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Stephen J. Cannell's RIDING THE SNAKE coverRiding the Snake (1998)
International intrigue, nuclear terrorism, and nonstop action are the components this fast-paced novel. A country club playboy and a beautiful black cop find themselves going up against the toughest triad in Hong Kong, after they follow the trail of a multibillion-dollar Chinese criminal conspiracy that reaches to the top of the U.S.

Stephen J. Cannell's KING CON coverKing Con (1997)
Conman extraordinaire Beano Bates and his beautiful, unlikely partner, District Attorney Victoria Hart, join forces to engineer a multi-million-dollar scam designed to bring down a powerful mob boss and his clan.

Stephen J. Cannell's FINAL VICTIM coverFinal Victim (1996)
A renegade U.S. Customs agent, a brilliant and beautiful forensic psychologist and a streetwise convict master hacker are on the trail of a maniac who is methodically slaughtering women. Their hunt leads the trio across an imperiled nation-- and deep into the darkest corridors of cyberspace.

Stephen J. Cannell's THE PLAN coverThe Plan (1995)
Following the death of his son and the breakup of his marriage, TV reporter Ryan Bolt receives a boost to his flagging career when he's offered the chance to film a documentary about a dark horse presidential candidate. But sinister revelations about the man put Ryan's life in jeopardy.

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