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Charlie Chan Trivia

Test your Charlie Chan Trivia knowledge with these questions and answers.

1. Which three of the following actors portrayed Charlie Chan in the movies?
  • Warner Oland
  • Sidney Toler
  • J. Carroll Naish
  • Roland Winters
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Peter Lorre
2. How many children did Charlie Chan have?
  • Two
  • Six
  • Fourteen
  • Siamese Twins
3. What was the first Charlie Chan movie?
  • Charlie Chan Takes a Chance
  • Charlie Chan in Honolulu
  • Behind That Curtain
  • Charlie Chan Takes Two with Eggroll
4. Which one of these Charlie Chan movies was adapted from an Earl Derr Biggers novel?
  • Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise
  • Black Camel
  • The Chinese Ring
  • Charlie Chan Does the Hula
5. Which other Asian detective followed in the movie tradition of Charlie Chan?
  • James Lee Wong
  • Judge Dee
  • Mr. Moto
  • Lo Fat

Correct Answers:

1. Warner Oland, Sidney Toler, Roland Winters

2. Fourteen

3. Behind That Curtain

4. Black Camel

5. Mr. Moto

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