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Charlie Chan in the Secret Service  

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
1 hour, 4 minutes | B&W | 1944

Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) takes his time as he investigates the case of an eggheaded inventor murdered for devising a way to protect U.S forces from German U-boats. Charlie is backed by wide-eyed assistant Birmingham Brown (Mantan Moreland), Benson Fong as the over-eager Number Three Son and Marianne Quon as his smart and pretty daughter.

Charlie Chan in The Chinese Cat  

The Chinese Cat
1 hour, 5 minutes | B&W | 1944

In this well-crafted Chan outing, Number Three Son Tommy comes to the aid of a damsel in distress -- by offering Charlie's services! Leah Manning (Joan Woodbury) has never stopped searching for her father's murderer, although the police and the D.A. gave up long ago. Now she's being further humiliated by an "expert criminologist" who's written a thinly fictionalized book accusing her mother of the crime! Charlie is intrigued enough to start asking around -- and that's when the fun starts.

Charlie Chan in the Jade Mask  

The Jade Mask
1 hour, 6 minutes | B&W | 1944

Some families have reunions -- this one has alibis! In this adventure, Charlie finds himself at odds with an entire family, all of whom detested recently murdered Harper (Frank Reicher), a brilliant, loathsome scientist who invented a gas which makes wood as strong as steel. Assisted by his expensively educated, pseudo-intellectual Number Four Son Eddie (Edwin Luke), panicky partner Birmingham Brown (Mantan Moreland), a lazy, hayseed sheriff (Alan Bridge) and a houseful of maddening gadgets, Charlie must sleuth his way through the family feud.

Charlie Chan in the Shanghai Cobra  

The Shanghai Cobra
1 hour, 4 minutes | B&W | 1945

Chan is called in to investigate a strange and complicated series of murders by cobra venom, which center around a bank whose vault holds large stores of Government radium. Director Phil Karlson does a remarkable job of making this Chan endeavor into a film noir piece whose foreboding opening sequence has been compared to Edgar G. Ulmer's Detour.

Charlie Chan in the Meeting at Midnight  

Meeting at Midnight
1 hour, 7 minutes | B&W | 1945

Originally released under the title Black Magic, this unusual film has been a feature on the revival circuit for years. When Birmingham Brown (Mantan Moreland) gets himself a job as a butler for the Bonner family, he doesnt know that they're con artists who specialize in trick séances. Things get ticklish when Charlie's daughter Frances turns up at one -- making her a suspect when a murder occurs!

Charlie Chan in the Scarlet Clue  

The Scarlet Clue
1 hour, 5 minutes | B&W | 1945

The inscrutable Charlie Chan takes on a group of fast-track media types in this Forties sendup of the radio industry. A fatal mistake made by an impatient detective in Chan's employ leads the master sleuth to a New York radio studio, which is somehow connected to a rader operation in the same building.

Charlie Chan in Charlie Chan's Secret  

Charlie Chan's Secret

Warner Oland as Charlie in San Francisco searching for a missing heir to a family fortune.

Charlie Chan in Murder over New York  

Murder over New York

Sidney Toler with strong supporting cast including Marjorie Weaver and Ricardo Lopez.

Charlie Chan in Castle in the Desert  

Castle in the Desert

Charlie as a weekend guest in a castle built by an eccentric.

Charlie Chan in Charlie Chan in Rio  

Charlie Chan in Rio

Sidney Tolar as Charlie surrounded by lively Brazilian atmosphere.

Charlie Chan in Charlie Chan at the Opera  

Charlie Chan at the Opera

Warner Oland in his thirteenth appearance as Charlie Chan with a cast that includes Boris Karloff.

Charlie Chan in Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum  

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

Sidney Toler as Charlie and Sen Yung in the role of Jimmy Chan.

Charlie Chan in Charlie Chan in Paris  

Charlie Chan in Paris

First appearance of Keye Luke as Lee Chan, Charlie's number one son.

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