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Jill Churchill's
A Jane Jeffry Mystery
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Author: Jill Churchill
Name of detective:Jane Jeffry
Hometown: I was a State Department Brat and lived all over the world until I married and sent down a tap root in a suburb of Chicago. The only way I'd leave my house is on a gurney.
Age: 39 and holding. Okay, okay. 41 (ish).
Occupation: Housewife, mother of three teenagers, volunteer
First Case: The cleaning woman who 'did' most of the neighborhood was strangled in Shelley's house with a vacuum cleaner cord. The police had the gall to suspect us, so we had to sort it out and solve it for them. That's my version, and I'm sticking to it.
Pet Peeves: My mother-in-law Thelma. The cavernous pothole at the end of my driveway that my disreputable old station wagon keeps falling into. The Self-Appointed Politically Correct Police.
Role Model: My neighbor Shelley, who can bully high school principals, car salesmen, and other bossy women, but has a lifelong hatred of the I.R.S. -- the only people who aren't scared of her.
Hobbies: Reading Golden Age mysteries, playing gin on the computer and watching sappy old movies.
Marital Status: I was widowed when my husband ran into a guard rail as he was leaving me for another woman. Fortunately, he also left behind a fair amount of life insurance and one third of the profits from the family pharmacy business -- which is how I'm able to be a stay-at-home mom. When Detective Mel VanDyne investigated the murder at Shelley's house, I took a shine to him. I'm still shining, but am wondering if I could stand having two mothers-in- law.
Quote: "Wives see vacations as a way to eat in a lot of new places. Husbands see vacations as a way to have sex in a lot of new places." - Shelley Nowack
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