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Clue Chronicles
Clue Chronicles: Inn at Death's Door

A 4-part solvable online mystery prequel to Fatal Illusion

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Before the "Clue" characters can join Ian Masque at his mountain chateau in "Fatal Illusion, they must spend a night at an alpine inn, isolated from the world by a treacherous ravine and run by a blind innkeeper. Hours after the first arrival, one of the visitors vanishes in a magician's illusion, never to return. You are the private detective, hired by the reclusive millionaire to safeguard his guests. Do you have a "Clue" what's going on? Solve the mystery - and win your own weekend at a country inn, guaranteed not to kill a soul.

Episode One: The Magic Box

Episode Two: Chasing the Fox

Episode Three: One Death Less, One Death More

Episode Four: Race for the Truth

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Clue Chronicles Fatal Illusion

The new interactive mystery adventure CD-ROM from Hasbro.

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You've been invited to spend New Year's Eve with the reclusive millionaire, Ian Masque. At a showing of rare and unusual artifacts, you and the the eccentric guests witness the murder of Ian Masque...or do you? Unravel a contorted plot laced with politics, wealth, the supernatural and murder, set in the shadowy world of a bizarre, mountaintop castle retreat and populated with familiar characters you thought you knew, and new ones that you'll never forget. Join the entire Clue cast in Episode 1 of the Clue Chronicles Mystery Series that will appeal to casual gamers and adventure fans alike.

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Clue Chronicles

The Inn at Death's Door

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