The Inn at Death's Door


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Episode 5: The Solution


1) Who killed Bertha Thurgau?
Calvin Fox.

2) Who is on the yacht?
The real Colonel Mustard.

3) Where was Calvin Fox after his disappearance?
Disguised as another guest.

4) What clue revealed Fox's location?
His facial tic or twitch.

Quickly, you throw open the door to the yacht's main lounge. There, huddled beneath a blanket on the floor next to the heating duct is Colonel Mustard, his lips blue and his teeth chattering.

Suddenly, everything clicks into place. You've got to act fast! You scramble behind the door just in time. Another large figure enters, raising his revolver at the real Colonel. You leap, making a dive for the knees of the man holding the gun.

A wild shot goes off. A window shatters, the revolver goes flying, and together you tumble to the floor. Somehow, you manage to recover, pointing your own gun, freezing him in place. As the now panicked mob enters the room, you catch your breath.

"A fine disappearing act, Mr. Fox. You nearly succeeded." Still dressed as Colonel Mustard -- his left eye twitching nervously -- Fox snarls a disgruntled curse.

"But that's Colonel Mustard," insists Peacock. "Isn't it?"

"Bloody hell it is," comes the muttered, gruff response from the real Mustard on the floor. "That Yank and the maid clocked me! The next thing I know, I'm half frozen and stuck in the boathouse! Took everything I had to make it up here."

"What happened to poor Bertha?" asks Mrs. White. All eyes turn to you for an explanation.

"Fox desperately wanted entry to Masque's chateau. I don't know why. Colonel Mustard had been the first to arrive and no one other than Bertha had actually seen him. Fox needed her help and was willing to pay. They knocked Mustard unconscious and hid him in the basement. Then they staged Fox's disappearance."

"That's right," says Martin. "It was Fox who suggested the magic demonstration."

You nod. "Fox disguised himself as Mustard, while Bertha retrieved the clothes to create their makeshift mannequin. They knew we'd stop searching for Fox if we thought he was dead."

"Bertha was the only one who saw the person on the bridge," mused Marina.

"The fake body was already in the ravine!"

"Then perhaps the figures you saw upon our approach were Bertha and Fox hauling Mustard out to the boathouse," offered Professor Plum.

"Why didn't they just kill him?" asks Mr. Green, then turns to Mustard.

"No offense, old man."

"Because of me," Marina volunteers. "I would have sensed his death. It would have been difficult for Fox to continue his disguise with me insisting that Colonel Mustard was dead."

"I imagine so," you say. "But Bertha became greedy. Fox had to keep her quiet. He gave her the ring as additional payment, which killed her as planned, then left the ring box to frame Green and keep up the confusion. He panicked when we saw someone on the boat. Figuring it was Mustard, he was the first to run for his revolver so he could do away with the last witness."

"Good show!" Mustard says feebly. "Now lets go call the authorities and have a spot of very hot tea. The hotter the better, I say!"

The End
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