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Welcome to Fatal Illusion, Episode 1 of the Clue Chronicles Mystery Series; an expansive, richly detailed world where YOU actually solve the mystery!

It's New Year's Eve 1938. On board the private yacht of the wealthy and eccentric Ian Masque, you find yourself part of a "select" group of guests invited to an "unusual" New Year's Eve party. Each guest has a story to tell, but their connection to you and to each other remains hidden. Something strange is bound to happen, and everyone is a suspect.

Get ready to put your best deductive reasoning to work and unravel the true story behind this game. Along the way you'll find challenging puzzles to solve and mini-mysteries to unlock. This totally engaging mystery adventure is sure to keep super sleuths entertained from the opening scene to the exciting cliffhanging climax.

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Game Features
• New mystery in 4 acts
• 3 all-new settings
• New characters join the classic set
• Red herrings, minor mysteries & puzzles
• 20 solid hours of gameplay
• Cliffhanger ending

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System Requirements

This is the type of game that does not require the use of the internet. Don't worry if you haven't contacted somewhere like O2.co.uk to get online yet, you can still play the game. There are lots of games you can play online, but this is one which doesn't require Internet access and still has the fun factor and excellent graphics. All you need in order to play is the following:

Operating System: Windows® 95/98

Processor: Pentium® 133 MHz or higher

Memory: 16 MB RAM

Hard Disk Space: 80 MB Free

CD-ROM Drive: 8X Speed

Video: 2 MB Windows® 95/98 compatible SVGA video card*

Sound: Windows® 95/98 compatible sound card* (optional)

DirectX: DirectX version 6.1 (included) or higher

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