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Deception is Everywhere
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Deception Is Everywhere

Laura left her Hopi self behind and came to Tucson hoping to start over, praying that her past would never find her. Now she works as a high-tech cyber-sleuth for Miguel Zepeda -- an aging private detective who lives on the Tohono O'odham reservation. Laura is hiding within the Internet, safe and untouchable...for now.

But Miguel has mysteriously disappeared, leaving Laura to investigate an alleged pharmaceutical fraud within a small drug company. With no clue to her boss's whereabouts and troubled by pieces of a client's life that will not fit together, Laura must leave her anonymous cyber-world and enter a twisted maze of gangs, Internet scams, and cold-blooded murder. Somewhere between a dusty Mexican border strewn with broken breams and the upper levels of Tucson society are answers Laura needs to uncover, before her worst fears resurface...and devour her whole.

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"An intriguing tale of mystery and self-discovery...Readers will be fascinated."

--Romantic Times

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