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Robbie Coltrane stars as Fitz, a brilliant criminal psychologist in "Cracker." Fitz can look at a suspected criminal and find the cracks in their almost flawless exterior. And once he's found a crack, he can break them wide open.

But Fitz himself is not without flaws. He's an addicted gambler - though loathe to admit it; a sharp-tongued, chain-smoker and heavy drinker; a married man who loves his wife and children, but can't give up his other partners, drink and dice.

Cracker 1st First Season on DVD

But Fitz is also extremely intelligent, surprisingly funny and a little bit dangerous. A highly charismatic character who can draw people from all walks of life to him like a magnet. And in the gritty industrial town of Manchester, he's the best the local police have got. A wise-cracking, crook-cracking master of his art.

For Fitz, murder is just the beginning.

The Mad Woman in the Attic
Fitz investigates the bloody murder of a young woman on a train and finds himself on the tracks of a serial killer. His best suspect? An amnesiac who cannot confess what he cannot remember.

To Say I Love You
An unlikely couple of misfits, Tina and her stuttering boyfriend Sean, have taken their relationship to a new level by sharing in acts of murder. Now, with his own marriage on the rocks, Fitz must dig deeper into the darkness that lurks on the other side of the words "I love you."

One Day a Lemming Will Fly
A 14-year old boy has gone missing and a teacher is suspected. Enraged families have formed a lynch mob - but what has been done, and did he do it? - as supplied, not "enhanced" yet.


"Electrifying." - NY Times

"Another British thriller with more wit and dazzle than any number of network cop shows. A winner." - Broadcast Week

"Shouldn't miss "Cracker. We haven't seen stuff this good since "Prime Suspect." - NY Daily News

"Crackerjack viewing, with multiple prizes in every one." - Times Picayune, New Orleans


from Amazon