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Name of Detective
Judith Grover McMonigle Flynn

Serena Grover Jones, AKA Renie (my cousin)

Seattle, WA, though we actually never call it that

55 (as of Snow Place to Die); actual birth date, 10/7/41

I run a B&B on Heraldsgate Hill (actually Queen Anne Hill) called Hillside Manor. I've phased out the catering arm, except for desperate requests (i.e., from Renie).

First Mystery Solved
A fortune teller died at my dining room table in Just Desserts. Because the tragedy could have been disastrous to my fledgling B&B business, I felt I had to help solve the case. Also, the investigating homicide detective was my long lost fiancé, Joe Flynn. Having been dumped by him almost twenty-five years earlier, I suppose I wanted to show him up. I've never admitted as much to him, though. In fact, I don't usually admit it to myself. But then Renie is always telling me I tend to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich, and not face reality. Decisions are often very difficult for me. I always tend to see both sides. If I believed in astrology, I'd say that's because I'm a Libra.

Pet Peeves
People who don't use logic. I have a very logical mind.

Role Model
NOT my mother. She's far too crabby. I will NEVER tell Renie this, but if I have a role model, she's it. Renie is sometimes crabby, to, and has a quick temper, but she gets over it. Besides she's a very good sport, and usually humors my sleuthing urges. I also admire her spunk.

Reading, gardening, jigsaw puzzles

Distinguishing Characteristics
I'm tall, have always fought to keep my weight down (but that gets easier as I get older-- maybe that's because I run up and down four flights of stairs every day), and I started going gray in my early twenties. Only in recent years have I given in and had some dark streaks added to my hair. I don't care what anyone else says, I think I look like a skunk.

Marital Status
First married to Dan McMonigle, who weighed over four hundred pounds and blew up at age forty-nine. Second, to Joe Flynn, homicide detective. One son, Michael, who was recently married, and works as a forest ranger.

"Keep your pecker up," which was Grandma Grover's mantra. Grandma was not the least bit crude, but she didn't hesitate to offer blunt-- and very sensible-- advice.

Mary Daheim
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