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James D. Doss's THE NIGHT VISITOR coverCharlie Moon of the Southern Ute Police Department is curious-- and wary-- about the strange old bones recently found at the McFain ranch. For things this ancient and rare have been known to inspire evil deeds in the past, including avarice, mendacity, and murder. And when one of the prime players in this timeless drama vanishes without a trace, Charlie worries that his greatest fears have been realized. But while Charlie investigates the unexplained disappearance-- and a very suspicious death that follows soon after-- his aunt Daisy is being drawn by forces preternatural into a grimly related mystery. For craven murder is not the exclusive domain of contemporary Man-- and a cry for justice from the past has reached Daisy Perika and two extraordinary young girls in her care, ensnaring them all in something old, dark, and dangerous.
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Praise for James D. Doss's Shaman Mysteries

"This is Hillerman country... but Doss is gaining. I hope these shaman mysteries go on for a long time."
-- Boston Globe

"Doss mixes mysticism and murder with his own unmistakeable touch."
-- Orlando Sentinel

"The best parts of the magical stories that James D. Doss sets on Indian reservations are the dreams of the old shamans.... like all bad dreams, this one doesn't end until the dreamers wake up."
-- Marilyn Stasio,The New York Times

"Doss uses words to create unearthly beauty, intoxicating images, poetic detachment."
-- Los Alamos Monitor


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