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James D. Doss's THE SHAMAN'S GAME coverThe Shaman's Game (1998)
For tribes of the American Southwest, the annual Sun Dance is among the most solemn and sacred of rituals. But lately Death has been an uninvited guest at the hallowed rite. Parris, Daisy and Moon team up to solve the mystery.

James D. Doss's THE SHAMAN'S BONES coverThe Shaman's Bones (1997)
Summoned by his aging Ute shaman aunt, who foretells the heinous acts of a rogue tribe member, reservation police officer Charlie Moon and his associate, Scott Parris, find themselves on a trail of violence.

James D. Doss's THE SHAMAN LAUGHS coverThe Shaman Laughs (1995)
Disturbed by a series of animal and then human sacrifices on the reservation, Ute tribal policeman Charlie Moon turns to Daisy Perika, an aging Ute shaman, for the answers that she can gather by communing with the ancient spirits.

James D. Doss's THE SHAMAN SINGS coverThe Shaman Sings (1994)
Investigating the brutal murder of a brilliant graduate student, Granite Creek police chief Scott Parris teams up with a beautiful journalist and an elderly Native American mystic, both of whom could prove deadly.

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