Flash #023 – A Change of Plans by Sharleen Valentine

A Change of Plans by Sharleen Valentine - Flash #23

Pauline glanced nervously at her watch as she and her mother-in-law, Betty Edwards, approached the jewelry shop. She would need to stall awhile because they were a few minutes ahead of schedule. Glancing quickly around, she spotted a newsstand and said, “Oh wait, Mother Edwards, I wanted to buy a few magazines. Rest here, I’ll be right back.”

Pauline went over to the stand and pretended to look through some magazines. As she did this, she began to think back to how the plan had started.

When she married Darwin Edwards, she was truly in love. Not with Darwin, though, but with his money. As they were dating, Pauline thought she was doing a wonderful job convincing Darwin and those around him that she was in love with him. The only person who saw through her facade was his mother, Betty Edwards. Betty didn’t like her son’s wife from the start, and she didn’t bother to hide this fact. Pauline’s original plan was to stay in the marriage just long enough to be able to get a large settlement when they divorced, but over time she felt that she deserved more. She became greedy and started thinking of ways to get rid of Darwin for good.

The only problem was Darwin’s devotion to his mother. His will stated that upon his death Mother Edwards would get everything. No matter how Pauline tried to discreetly convince him otherwise, he wouldn’t budge. That was why she had thought up this elaborate plan to get her out of the picture. The only thing left was to convince Mother Edwards to go on this shopping trip. She had asked her in front of Darwin so it would be hard for her to say no, and surprisingly enough she had been more than willing.

Pauline picked out a few magazines and handed the vendor some money. She glanced down at her watch again and smiled to herself. Perfect! Pauline walked back to her mother-in-law and smiled. “Let’s go into the jewelry shop and look around. Maybe you can pick out something for your birthday next week.”

They went into the shop, and began browsing around. A moment later, there was a sudden commotion in the shop as two men wearing masks and carrying guns burst into the shop.

“Nobody move!” the first gunman shouted.

Pauline didn’t hesitate and ran to her mother-in-law. “Please don’t hurt us…” The rest of her sentence was cut short as a shot was fired. Pauline stared at her mother-in-law with a look of surprise on her face.

Later that evening, Mother Edwards picked up the phone and dialed a number. When a man on the other end answered, Betty said, “Everything went perfectly. That was wise of you to contact me. The extra fee has been transferred to the account number you gave me.” After she hung up, Betty went back into the living room to console her son.


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