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Reader Reviews - FULL DARK HOUSE by Christopher Fowler

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Fiction - Mystery & Detective | Bantam | Paperback | May 2005 | $6.99 | 0-553-58714-5

"What a book! What ingredients! London, the Blitz, the theatre, murders that are not fully solved until present day, a murderer who can seemingly walk through walls, and two very young detectives in the Peculiar Crimes Unit. It sounds over the top, but everything blends together into a book that is hard to put down. (It also has, for those who are theatre buffs, a great double pun in the title!) Can't wait for the next adventure of Bryant and May."
K. MacAlister

"FULL DARK HOUSE is packed with lots of fast-paced action, unique characters, and a nice solid mystery that spans several decades. The story was filled with lots of well-researched background points on theaters, WWII London, and police procedure. This one definitely makes my recommended mystery list. Thanks for the opportunity to preview it."
Sharon H.

"A captivating new series. In the style of the classic British mystery and reminiscent of the antics of Sherlock Holmes, Christopher Fowler writes an enjoyable mystery that is difficult to put down. A brilliant whodunit; I would definitely read another May and Bryant mystery."
Dianna F.

"This exceptional novel contains mystery, horror, excellent details of the history of London during wartime and the present day, as well as suspense galore. The story line is riveting and has you guessing until the brilliant climax. The characters are realistically portrayed with great depth. This novel is total enjoyment."
Sharon B.

"FULL DARK HOUSE captures the mood of the blitz, food shortages and sleeping in the underground during bombing raids. It has a surprising ending that I didn't see coming. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a British mystery, and am looking forward to reading the next installment in the series."
Beverly R.

"Fans of British mysteries will also be fans of FULL DARK HOUSE and Christopher Fowler...a mesmerizing and highly suspenseful novel that keeps the reader guessing until the very end. I look forward to the next Bryant & May mystery."
Lisa J.



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