SEVENTY-SEVEN CLOCKS by Christopher Fowler SEVENTY-SEVEN CLOCKS by Christopher Fowler

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Fiction - Mystery & Detective | Bantam | Paperback | November 2005 | $6.99 | 0-553-58715-3


Fiction - Mystery & Detective | Bantam
Hardcover | June 2005
$24.00 | 0-553-80389-1

They are detection's oddest couple: two cranky detectives whose professional partnership dates back half a century. Now Arthur Bryant and John May return in a case of multiple murder that twists through a subterranean course of the secrets, lies, and extreme passions that drive even ordinary men and women to the most shocking crimes.


Fiction - Mystery & Detective | Bantam
Paperback | May 2005
$6.99 | 0-553-58714-5

Edgy, suspenseful, and darkly comic, here is the first novel in a riveting new mystery series starring two cranky but brilliant old detectives whose lifelong friendship was forged solving crimes for the London Police Department's Peculiar Crimes Unit. A present-day bombing rips through London and claims the life of eighty-year-old detective Arthur Bryant. For his partner John May, it means the end of a partnership that lasted over half-a-century and an eerie echo back to the Blitz of World War II when they first met. Desperately searching for clues to the killer's identity, May finds his old friend's notes of their very first case and becomes convinced that the past has returned...with a killing vengeance.

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