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Anne George's Murder Shoots the BullA Southern Sisters Mystery

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Murder Gets A LifeMurder Gets A Life (1998)
Unsuitable brides, insane future in-laws and a casually placed corpse makethis wedding out of the ordinary.

Murder Makes Waves coverMurder Makes Waves (1997)
Mary Alice and Patricia Anne head off to Florida for a peaceful vacation,but land in an ocean of trouble when a corpse washes up on shore!

Murder Runs in the FamilyMurder Runs in the Family (1997)
A genealogist jumps to her death-- or was she pushed after discovering somevery buried family secrets?

Murder on a Bad Hair DayMurder on a Bad Hair Day (1996)
Sisters Patricia Anne and Mary Alice are up to their hair when a richgallery owner is murdered.

Murder on a Girls' Night OutMurder on a Girls' Night Out (1996)
It's up to Patricia Anne to get her sister Mary Alice out of hot water when the former owner of Mary Alice's new country-western bar turns up dead.

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