Get-a-Clue #020 – Spontaneous Combustion


The police suspect Lewis of torching his own warehouse for the insurance. But they can’t figure out how he did it.


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  1. Wolfneo - Foxdao June 15, 2017 at 1:30 pm #

    I never post comments, but there I am too worried about coming to your site, surfing the net for years, I used to see the sites evolve, change themes, etc.. But your site is always the same, so I was on a security site that scans the sites and there alert!!

    Your site is not kept up to date, this increases the risk of hacking, viruses, you still have to have the latest version of WordPress, all plugins must have had an update in the current year, so currently 2017.
    Then the same for the themes, always have the latest, here is the latest version of your parent canvas theme
    Canvas changelog ***

    2017.04.05-5.11.4 version
    * Fix-fixes the Woocommerce 3.0.0 compatibility for the new product gallery.
    * Fix-fixes problem with using WC shortcode inside canvas shortcode.
    * Tweak-Adds Sensei module styles to canvas that were being overriden.

    You have a child theme MysteryNet, so the update will not crush anything or change your site

    It is urgent to make all the updates on your site. Thanks in advance

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