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James Grippando's
Under Cover of Darkness
A prominent lawyer's wife may not be a serial killer's victim but his accomplice.
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Dark House
“A smart, straightforward, and-yes, the pun is unavoidable-gripping thriller”

“Another riveting tale of suspense from Grippando. ”
--Library Journal

“Ingeniously entertaining”

“From the author of the recent spine tinglers The Abduction (1998) and Found Money (1998) comes a thriller about a prominent lawyer whose investigation of his wife's disappearance forces him to confront the possibility that she may not be a serial killer's victim but his accomplice. Grippando's yarns are always refreshing for several reasons. His characters are well drawn but not excessively detailed; his plots are intelligently conceived and executed; and he avoids many of the clichÈ of this genre. Here, for instance, the lawyer is working with a tough, attractive female FBI agent, but, for a change, we aren't treated to the usual sexual-tension, will-they-or-won't-they subplot. A smart, straightforward, and -- yes, the pun is unavoidable -- gripping thriller. thriller”
--David Pitt

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