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WEIGH DEADIt's March, and Tess Darcy has her hands full, planning both her own June wedding and the renovation to Iris House that will turn her living quarters into a lovely home for herself and Luke. Now she has a house full, and a weighty one at that. Famous aerobics queen Lida Darnell has booked an oversized group of well-heeled fitness wannabes, including radio health know-it-all Dr. Patrice Singleton who's there incognito. Marcia, a recent divorcie with a fascination for UFOs and dancing in the nude is accompanied by her sister Dorinda, who's keeping an eye on her unbalanced sibling. Tubby tycoon Rudy Hansel was tricked into showing up by his gorgeous super-model bride. And the most troublesome fitness follower, Heather Brackland, merciless snoop for The National Scoop, is digging up dirt on her ex-boyfriend-a fitness trainer and now Lida's lover-as well as the rest of the guests creating a poisonous mix of hungry dieters chewing each other to bits.
Tess wants no part of the bickering, but when a loud scream pierces the night air, she rushes outside to discover that someone has turned a fitness retreat into a fatal affair. And with a hefty list of suspects and a slim number of clues, Tess has the mammoth task of figuring out who at her quaint little B & B has turned weight reduction into guest reduction.

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Praise for WEIGH DEAD
"Jean Hager captures the heartaches, hopes, fears, and foolishness of everyday people."
--- Carolyn Hart
"Ms. Hager has a smooth style, with a quick wit and a knack for juggling a full cast of suspects ah, characters."
--- Rendezvous

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