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Lauren Haney's
A Mystery of Ancient Egypt
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A VILE JUSTICE Evil runs rampant through the grand abode of Djehuty, the much despised governor of Abu. Four deaths-each exactly ten days apart-have occurred in and around the powerful functionary's premises: an expert swimmer drowned a spearman accidentally impaled on his own weapon a sergeant of the guard found with a dagger through his breast, a young officer trampled by a horse gone mad. Lieutenant Bak of the Medjay police fears for his own life and for the safety of his men. But the vizier has requested that this deadly puzzle be investigated, and it is Bak's duty to serve. Could this unstaunched violence be the retribution of the gods for a long-past, yet still-remembered tragedy? Bak is not sure who will ultimately be revealed as slayer-be he human or divine-when a disturbing cache of dark, well-protected secrets lies open at his feet. But there is one thing of which the dedicated policeman can be certain: if a killer is true to his pattern, another will die this day.

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"Haney's Egyptian police lieutenant is appealing, smpathetic, and totally comvincing in a setting drawn with expert skill."
---Dr. Barbara Mertz
"A wonderful new Egyptian historical series."
--- MLB News
"Serious fun!"
--- The Rue Mogue
"A fascinating setting-- an unusual hero."
--- The Poisoned Pen
"Elizabeth Peters and Lynda S. Robinson will need to 'move over' to make room for Lauren Haney."
--- KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt

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