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Carolyn Hart's
A Death on Demand Mystery
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Author: Carolyn Hart
Name of detective: Annie Laurance Darling
Hometown: Broward's Rock, a sea island off the coast of South Carolina
Age: 27
Occupation: Owner of the Death on Demand mystery bookstore
First Case: In White Elephant Dead, Annie's old friend Henny Brawley disappears. Annie and Max set off to find her, but discover instead the Women's Club van which holds a dead body in addition to donations for the annual White Elephant Sale. When the police chief picks Henny as his prime suspect, Annie and Max follow a trail that twists and turns among the murderous secrets of the island's best families.
Pet Peeves: Show offs and bullies
Role Model: Eve Gill, heroine of the Selwyn Jepson mysteries. Eve never met an adventure she didn't enjoy
Hobbies: Mysteries, tennis, chocolate
Characteristics: Annie laughs a lot. She loves Max, books, cats, and people
Marital Status: Married to Max Darling
Quote: from White Elephant Dead: The figure whirled, face shielded with a handful of folders, and lifted the other arm. Maybe it was instinct. Maybe is was a childhood memory of HIGH NOON. Maybe it was her recent rereading of an Eve Gill adventure by Selwyn Jepson. Whatever, Annie dived behind the rain barrel, scrabbling like a land crab, as the gun cracked.
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