Henry Slesar - Heartbreak Hospital - Mystery Movie Thriller
Heartbreak Hospital - Ruedi Gerber - Henry Slesar - Mystery Movie Thriller
Neely (Chelsea Altman) from Heartbreak Hospital - Ruedi Gerber - Henry Slesar - mystery movie thriller

A Film by Ruedi Gerber
Running time 91 minutes / Not Rated

Based on the novel
by Henry Slesar

Opens in New York City
Sept. 6

at "The Screening Room" - 54 Varrick St. - Manhattan

Opens in Los Angeles
Sept. 13

at Laemmle's Fairfax - 7907 Beverly Blvd.



HEARTBREAK HOSPITAL, a romantic thriller-comedy that blurs the line between fantasy and reality!

Patricia Clarkson
Demian Bichir
John Shea
Diane Venora
Jeffrey Ross a.o.

Neely's (Chelsea Altman) feeling down about her acting career. Tonio (Demian Bichir), her adoring boyfriend, isn't having any luck either selling his line of pasta sauces. They're about to throw in the occupational towel, get married and move to Mexico, when Neely is cast as "the coma patient" on daytime's most popular soap opera "Heartbreak Hospital." Of course, it's not the most esteemed of acting venues, but she's finally got her big break. New-found success creates tension in her relationship and as her past grows, Neely gets a little too big for her britches.

Soon, life as a soap star turns out to be just as crazy and overwrought as any soap script. The show's leading man, Milo (John Shea) begins to make sexual advances toward Neely, causing the soap's leading lady, Sunday, (Diane Venora) to plot a jealous scheme against him. Things get even worse when Neely's neighbor Lottie (Patricia Clarkson) begins to confuse the events on "Heartbreak Hospital"- her all-time favorite show - with real life. Lottie goes too far and becomes dangerously jealous when Neely's character starts to date Milo's character on the soap. With the help of Lottie, the lines between reality and fiction blur and Neely finds herself involved in an over-the-top real-life murder plot.


Henry Slesar - Heartbreak Hospital - Mystery Movie Thriller Henry Slesar - Heartbreak Hospital
Henry Slesar - Heartbreak Hospital