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Alfred HitchcockAlfred Hitchcock (1899-1980), auteur, showman and famed director, had a career spanning five decades and over 50 films. Here you’ll find in-depth profiles, articles and little-known facts about the revered Master of Suspense.

About Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock was a man with a vast legacy. Learn more in this Hitchcock Bio: A Profile of that Famous Profile.

Culture of Hitchcock

Hitchcock’s career spanned a revolution in film-making. Read all about it in Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of a Film Culture.

Movies and Filmography

Uncover old favorites and unknown classics with MysteryNet’s Complete List of Alfred Hitchcock Movies and Filmography, with fun facts and link to buy the movies online.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV Show

Along with his humorous introductions, Hitchcock brought many tales with a twist to the television with his Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV Show.

Writing for Hitchcock

Hear novelist Ed McBain (Evan Hunter) describe what it was like to work with the Master of Suspense in Writing for Hitchcock: An Interview with Ed McBain

Fun Facts

Hitchcock’s unique personality resulted in some truly entertaining stories. Check out some Alfred Hitchcock Anecdotes and Fun Facts.

Discuss Alfred Hitchcock

Share your opinions about Hitch with other Mystery Net community members.


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