I Confess by Alfred Hitchcock

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I Confess


Alfred Hitchcock

George Tabori, William Archibald (adapted from a play by Paul Anthelme)

Father Michael Logan (Montgomery Clift), a model of clerical piety, hears a killer’s confession. Eyewitnesses point to a priest as the murderer and the sacrament of penance forbids Logan to speak out — even in his own defense — when circumstantial evidence targets Logan as the prime suspect. Anne Baxter and Karl Malden co-star as a former flame and a police inspector whose attempts to clear Logan only entrap him further.

Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter, Karl Malden

Noteworthy Facts
Alfred Hitchcock makes a cameo at the start of the film, crossing the top of a staircase.

Extra Features on DVD
New making-of documentary HitchcockÕs Confession: A Look at I Confess, as well as a Premiere newsreel

Formats Available
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* Part of the Alfred Hitchcock Classics DVD Box Set


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