Alfred Hitchcock Movies

A list of the complete works of the Master of Suspense

Hitchcock once dryly noted that, “Even my failures make money and become classics a year after I make them.” Movies by Alfred Hitchcock range from the irrefutable masterpieces to minor classics to astonishing experiments in the language of film. Hitchcock’s oeuvre encompasses cinematic invention, innovation and landmarks in the field.

Alfred Hitchcock Classics

Fourteen all-time great movies on DVD. Bring home chills and thrills with the Alfred Hitchcock Master Collection DVD Boxed Set.

Hitchcock Filmography

Delve into well-known and less-known suspense and thriller movies by Alfred Hitchcock with the Complete List of All Alfred Hitchcock Movies.

Top Hitchcock Picks

It’s no surprise why Alfred Hitchcock’s movies become all-time greats. Get details and fun facts about the Top Hitchcock Movies from the MysteryNet Top 50 Mystery and Crime Movies of all time.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Cameos

What is more unexpected than the director appearing in his own films? Get the scoop with Alfred Hitchcock’s Cameos.


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