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Jane Isenberg's
A Bel Barrett Mystery
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Sybil Barrett, but call me Bel. Only my mother calls me Sybil.
Definitely neither of us is the other's "sidekick"! We're two independent people, but we work well together.
I was born and raised in Passaic, N.J. At one point in my life I was living in Hoboken, shopping in Secaucus, visiting my parents in Passaic, and teaching in Jersey City. When it comes to Jersey, I not only talk the talk, I walk the walk.
Fifty--something, but who's counting?
Professor of English (tenured, thank you very much) at River Edge Community College.
First Case:
A former Speech 101 student of mine, a culinary arts major, was accused of murdering RECC's president, but even though he wasn't much of a public speaker, I knew he would never do anything like that. Besides, I've never been able to resist an underdog in distress.
Pet Peeves:
Beepers and cell phones that sound during class, control freaks, stress incontinence, and murderers. I can't remember all the others.
Role Model:
RECC's President, Dr. Altagracia Garcia, and my mother when she's not driving me crazy.
Collecting miniature china shoes, doing Kegel exercises, yoga, walking, worrying, reading, and making lists.
Distinguishing Characteristics:
I sweat a lot lately, wear no make up, and have salt and pepper hair. What you see is what you get.
Marital Status:
I've been divorced from Lenny (don't ask), the father of my two "adult" children, for years. Now I live with Sol Hecht whom I met a few years ago at a meeting of the Citizen's Committee to Protect the Waterfront in Hoboken. We went out for coffee after the meeting and....Quote:
"Stop! Stop or I'm going to wet my pants! I mean it! Stop!"
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