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Eugene Izzi's
A taut thriller concerning a former wise-guy in the witness protection
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SAFE HARBORMark Torrence is a decent man--a dedicated youth counselor; a loving husband and father; a person whose ingrained honesty and integrity is evident in his every action and all his personal dealings. But in a previous New York City life, before he "ratted" and vanished into the Witness Protection Program, Mark Torrence was Tommy Torrelli, an associate of wiseguys who made their bones through violence, extortion, thievery, and worse. Now a world-class hit man with a swollen bank account has agreed to take Torrence/Torrelli down gratis, in order to satisfy inner demons who will only be appeased by vengeance and with blood.
As an ever-tightening circle of terror closes in around him, Torrence realizes that his new identity has suddenly become a liability. And the only way he can save his unsuspecting family--the only way he can survive--is by becoming something he truly despises: the man he once was.

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Praise for SAFE HARBOR
"A spare, taut, altogether compelling piece of work...Those predisposed to like the work of Eugene Izzi will find that his last novel, Safe Harbor, sets an even higher bar."
--St. Petersburg Times
"A great talent...a natural born storyteller."
--James Lee Burke

"This is Izzi at his stripped-down best and a wonderful example of why noir fans will miss him so much."

"Breathtaking...A dark psychothriller...Tense through its final pages."
--Denver Post

"A powerful and uncompromising writer."
--Chicago Magazine

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