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Gambling Slang
The Language of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, it has been observed, is quite possibly the one city in the world with a more distorted sense of reality than Los Angeles.
Blasted out of the desert and fostered in a hothouse atmosphere of Mafia, crime and easy money, "Sin City," as it was once fondly known, epitomized glamour and adult fun in the '50s and '60s.
Nowadays, the glitz of the old Las Vegas is evolving as corporations remake the city into a place for family entertainment. Yet the indefinable spirit of Las Vegas remains. A city with a singular personality and rituals known only to regulars and natives, it also has its own singular slang. Use a few of the phrases below on your next visit to the Strip and impress the pit bosses, and maybe you'll score a few comps.

Boxman: the craps table dealer who supervises the drop box and its bets and payoffs.

Comp: short for free or complimentary.

Dark: no shows or performances.
Usage:"It's a Dark Sunday-- no shows today."

Drop box: locked box located on live gambling tables where dealers deposit paper money.

Eye in the sky: A one-way mirror surveillance in the casino area. In casinos, cameras are placed behind the walls and above the ceilings to keep an eye on players and prevent cheating.

High roller: a gambler with a tendency to wager large sums in the casinos.

Hit me: Blackjack phrase, used by players to signal that they want another card from the dealer. Used in conjunction with a hand signal, usually tapping two fingers on the table.

Limit: the minimum or maximum bet accepted at a gambling table.

Live: gambling table which has many players.
Usage: "No one's at the blackjack table, but the roulette table's live tonight."

Marker: An IOU owed the casino by a gambler allowed by the hotel to play on credit.

Pit boss: overseer of the tables in a casino.

RFB comp: Free room, food and beverage (RFB) during a hotel stay-- only if the casino likes a customer's credit rating

Shoe: term used for the container on the Baccarat and blackjack tables, which holds several decks of cards that the dealer uses. This prevents the dealer from holding the cards.

Shooter: gambler who is rolling the dice on a craps table.

Snake eyes: when a shooter rolls the dice in a game of craps and both come up as ones. If this happens in the beginning of a game when the bets have just been placed, all the players have "crapped out" and lost their money.

Stickman: the dealer who moves the dice around on a craps table with a hook-shaped stick.

Tip or toke: gratuity


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