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M.D. Lake's
A Peggy O'Neill Mystery
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DEATH CALLS THE TUNECampus cop Peggy O'Neil doesn't hesitate to chase burglars alone in the middle of the night among the ivied halls of academia, but she isn't at all happy about being ordered to investigate the death of Evan Turner, former director of the Universty's music school. When Turner's body was found washed up on the shore of Lake Superior, most people who knew him assumed he'd jumped to his death from one of the cliffs. It's easy to see why, since he'd been going through a devastating midlife crisis that had destroyed his marriage and stalled his career.
Peggy is a reluctant investigator until she meets the dead man's daughter, who doesn't believe her father's death was an accident or suicide. She lives with the nightmare that her mother may have killed him. So Peggy digs into Turner's life to try to put the child's fears to rest. She learns that not only he made bitter enemies within the music school, but he'd also gotten himself involved with a gang of thieves-one of whom just may have led him to a fatal encounter with the past.

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Praise for Peggy O'Neill:
"Peggy is the most likable character I've met in a long time."
   - Joan Hess

"Peggy O'Neill is a believable character who thinks and acts like a woman actually would."
   - Sara Paretsky

"A 'must-read' for fans of Sue Grafton."
   - Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

"Oh, how I love Peggy O'Neill!"
   - Barbara Paul, author of In-Laws and Outlaws

"It is great fun trailing around with Peggy as she digs up dirt on deliciously dreadful folks."
   - Publishers' Weekly

"I'm sorry it took me so long to find [the series]...Lake drops all the clues in the right places and the ending is satisfying."
   - Green Bay Post-Gazette

"Peggy O'Neill just keeps getting better and better!"
   - Meritorious Mysteries

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