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Ray Attla

In "Elements of a Kill" I begrudgingly team with a cheechako from Texas by the name of Billy Bob Cleaver. Talk about a goatroper...

I live in Barrow, Alaska, but I'm originally from a small village southeast of there called Nuiqsut.

As a government employee, I consider the matter of my age to fall under the guidelines of our country's military policy. In other words, Don't ask. Don't tell.

I'm a police officer.

How did...
I was called in to investigate the suspicious death of an oil executive up on the North Slope. I wound up getting my man, but it wasn't pretty. I'm still trying to solve the big mystery: how to be an Eskimo in modern white culture.

Pet Peeves
Cheechakos who don't respect the power of the Land. It can be brutal up here. If the tuungak don't get you, the cold will.

Trying to come up with excuses to put off marrying a perfectly wonderful woman whom I genuinely adore.

Distinguishing Characteristics
People say I'm tall, for an Inupiat - 6 feet+. And I have long hair that I keep in a ponytail. If I can fend off my fiance's objections, it'll soon reach my waist.

Marital Status
Not yet, but I'm sliding in that direction. Rapidly. Too rapidly.

Nothing comes to mind. Though in my next outing, I have plenty to say about a guy by the name of Lewis Fletcher. The little twerp.

Christopher Lane
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