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Leah Ruth Robinson's UNNATURAL CAUSES
An Evelyn Sutcliffe Medical Suspense Novel
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Leah Ruth Robinson's Unnatural CausesDr. Evelyn Sutcliffe spends her workday keeping Death at bay. But now it stalks her in her home. The life-and-death struggle waged daily in the ER is a constant, integral part of Dr. Sutcliffe's existence. Her home is her refuge. But now a dear friend clings to life, a colleague struck down by poison he ingested while cooking in Evelyn's Manhattan apartment.
On a night when she was supposed to be celebrating her anniversary with her significant other, psychiatrist Phil Carchiollo, and a few of their closest friends, Evelyn instead finds herself back in the emergency room, frantically trying to save a friend-- and haunted by the knowledge that the deadly mushrooms he consumed were intended for one of her guests... or Evelyn herself. Soon Evelyn knows two unnerving but inescapable facts: a murderer is near at hand... and the killings have only just begun.
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Praise for Leah Ruth Robinson's Medical Mysteries

"A sharply-written medical thriller that explores the human condition. Chock full of wit, drama, and psychological suspense. A fine read. I hated to see it end."
-- Faye Kellerman

"You don't have to be an ER fan to get swept up in the 'adrenaline junkie' world of Manhattan's University Hospital... Evelyn Sutcliffe [is] one of the most insightful and compelling doctors to come down the commercial fiction pike in a long time."
-- San Francisco Chronicle

"Slick and fast, the perfect medicine for readers who can't wait for the next episode of ER."
-- Publisher's Weekly

"Vivid and authentic, ... like a long, bittersweet jazz riff in the middle of a sweltering Manhattan night."
-- Library Journal

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