Discussion and Examples for Teaching with Mysteries

Comments from Educators and Students

I used one of your Solve-its with my sophomore English class recently. The students enjoyed the activity. They are asking for more!
Sandra O.

My main objective is to begin my students on a path to a lifelong love of reading. I think the Twist is a valuable tool for that!
Stephanie M.

I am a twelve year old female in grade seven, and I am addicted to mysteries. I showed a mystery from the The Case Solve-it section to my Language Arts teacher. My class and I had a fun time figuring out the solution. I now bring in mysteries weekly, and our class really enjoys them. Thanks, TheCase.com, for something interesting and unique.
Stephanie S.

I am a reading specialist at a suburban high school in Louisiana. These MysteryNet.com murder mysteries have gotten reluctant adolescents enthusiastic about reading. Believe me, getting teenagers to read and re-read anything – while using higher level thinking skills– is almost impossible. Thanks!
Beth R.


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