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Lesson Plans

What is a mystery? lesson plan

Objective: Students will understand what mysteries are by discussing mysteries that they have read or seen on TV.

Mystery vocabulary lesson plan

Objective: Students will be able to define vocabulary that appears regularly in mysteries in order to fully understand the mystery genre.

Elements of a mystery lesson plan

Objective: Students will read, analyze and arrange characters and events in a mystery to determine how mysteries are constructed.

Lesson plans in reading and solving mysteries

Objective: Students will organize facts and analyze characters and events to formulate a possible solution to the mystery.

Mystery writing lesson plans

Objective: Students will read and understand several of MysteryNet Twists to determine how each of the mysteries evolved and how the ending was a surprise.

Mystery fiction lesson plan quiz

Objective: Students will read the History of the Mystery and take a quiz about the origins and development of mystery and crime fiction.

Teaching the mystery genre

Objective: Students will follow mystery format and write their own mysteries.

Extension Lessons


Objective: To understand and spell new vocabulary words related to mysteries. Use “mystery vocabulary” from The Case for spelling lessons.


Objective: Students will write mini-mysteries using mystery vocabulary


Objective: Students will learn to express themselves publicly by play-acting a chosen mystery


Objective: Students will practice their facility with reading and extend their knowledge of literature by reading classic mystery stories


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