What is a Mystery? Lesson Plan

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Free lesson plan for 4th grade and up


Students will understand what mysteries are by discussing mysteries they have read or seen on TV.


Academic: Attentive Listening
Social: Sharing Ideas

Materials needed

Chalkboard or chart paper, chalk, or multicolored pens

Class Instruction

Discussion etiquette

Review rules with students: Speaking out so others can hear, but not shouting out, listening to each other, taking turns, and encouraging each other.

Discussion Questions (Write student responses on board)

  • What do you think a mystery should be?
  • When you think about mysteries, what comes to mind?
  • What is your favorite mystery book, movie, or TV program?
  • What do you find suspenseful?
  • How did the author make you curious?
  • What do you think makes a good mystery?

Teacher Evaluation

  • How did students respond to this activity?
  • Were the students able to discuss and understand the different aspects of mysteries?


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