Mystery Writing Lesson Plans

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Free lesson plan for 4th grade and up


Given a mystery photo, students will follow the mystery writing format to develop their own original mysteries.


Academic: Creative Writing
Social: Peer Work Evaluation

Materials needed

Printouts of mysteries Mysterious Photo Contest, paper, pencils or computer with word processor, Story Web Worksheets (one for each student).

Class Instruction

  • Review writing techniques with students.
  • Review Story Web Worksheet for outline.
  • Using the photo from the MysteryNet Flash Mystery and the Story Web Worksheet, begin brainstorming possible events, characters and setting for the students’ original mysteries.
  • Students will write, edit, rewrite.
  • Exchange stories with friends. Ask each other for constructive criticism.
  • Rewrite after peer collaborations.
  • Present to class.

Teacher Evaluation

  • Were students able to follow the principles of writing a mystery?
  • Were students able to analyze the mysteries?
  • Were students able to effectively collaborate with each other?


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