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Dennis Lehane's Gone, Baby, Gone
A trail of bodies... a cunning killer... a weaponless crime

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Prayers for RainBoston private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro's relationship has hit the skids-- their long-standing professional commitment and growing romance have disintegrated due to seemingly irreparable personal differences. But despite these problems, Prayers for Rain brings them together again to close down a predator whose modus operandi seems to put him beyond the law. This killer's insidious murder weapon is within his victim's mind: no smoking gun, no bloody knife, just merciless manipulation until despair drives his targets to kill themselves.
As Patrick and Angie attempt to identify and save his next victim, this sinister force turns on them and thus begins a dangerous battle of wits: a tormenting, life-threatening game of psychological warfare in which simple survival seems like a mixed blessing-- because not even the winner will emerge unscathed.
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Praise for Dennis Lehane

"Lehane is one of those brave new detective stylists who is not afraid of fooling around with the genre's traditions."
--Washington Post Book World

"Lehane's voice, original, haunting, and straight from the heart, places him among the top ranks of stylists who enrich the modern mystery novel."
-- Publishers' Weekly (starred review)

"If you haven't discovered this gifted newcomer yet, you'd better hurry before his ship of fools and knaves casts off without you."
-- Kirkus (starred review)

"Dennis Lehane is the heir apparent. You read his stuff and you think he's got the great ones-- Chandler, Macdonald, Parker-- watching over him as he writes every page. But his voice is an original. He turns the hard-boiled detective novel into an elegiac treatise on the corruption of the soul."
-- Michael Connelly

"Lehane is rapidly climbing the mountain of detective fiction upon whose peak rests James Lee Burke."
-- Andre Dubus - The Online Mystery Network The Online Mystery Network.

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