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Laura Lippman's IN BIG TROUBLE coverEdgar Award-winner Laura Lippman is developing a reputation as one of the most exciting new detective fiction authors in years. Now she delivers her most suspenseful novel yet, and places Baltimore's Tess Monaghan... In Big Trouble.
First as a reporter and then as a p.i., Tess Monaghan has learned how to survive and thrive on the streets of Baltimore. But a new case will force her to confront her own past, and a man she loved and lost. It starts when she gets a newspaper photograph of her old boyfriend with a tantalizing shard of headline attached: IN BIG TROUBLE. The answers lie far from Baltimore, deep in a world of good-time music, old-fashioned ambition, and rich people's games. For Tess must find out what happened to a man she thought she knew, to a woman who may have changed him forever, and to the victims of a killer who dances to a different-- and deadly-- drummer.
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Praise for Laura Lippman's Tess Monaghan Mysteries

"Smart, sassy and wildly funny."
-- The San Antonio Express-News

"Tess if feisty... And it is a joy to watch her come alive."
-- The Washington Times

"Laura Lippman deserves to be a big star."
-- Julie Smith, author of House of Blues


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