ALONE by Lisa Gardner
ALONE by Lisa Gardner

Reader Reviews - ALONE by Lisa Gardner

Fiction - Thrillers | Bantam Hardcover | January 2005 | $24.00 | 0-553-80253-4

"Colliding secrets lead to false assumptions and a read that will keep you guessing until the last page. There is physical action, complex relationships between adults, and everyone has secrets. Great plot. Well-written. A new view of the police procedural.
Ellen R.

"It was very difficult to put the book down once I started it. This thrilling tale with twisting plots, riveting characters, dysfunctional family insights and non-stop action, made a great read. It had me guessing until the shocking end. I have not read any of Lisa Gardner's previous books but will certainly do so now."
Janet R.

"Read ALONE in a day and a half. I connected to the characters right away. I did not want to put the book down until I had finished it. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries or crime-related books."
Laura A.

"If you've planned to nestle down into your pillows and comforter with a good book to help you relax, you've made an error. Lisa Gardner's ALONE gets your heart racing and your brain working. It keeps the midnight oil burning because you'll want to know what is on the next page. A book that you can't put down, it will keep you on the edge till the end."
Mical H.

"ALONE was a very enjoyable, fast-paced read. The twists were engaging and the dialogue intriguing!"
Jillian G.

"This is the first novel I have read by Lisa Gardner. I was impressed by her writing style. I would recommend this book and seek out other titles by this author."
Laura K.

"Enjoyable reading. It was my first time reading one of Lisa Gardner's books and I look forward to reading more. Thank you for the opportunity to review."
Marilyn D.